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fight the power, do no harm
fight the power, do no harm
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Training outlines
We offer three basic types of trainings, based on how long the training lasts and how much material we cover. Generally speaking, these include a 3-4 hour intro to health care at protests, a standard 6-8 hour first aid training, and a multiple-weekend 20+ hour extended training.

Curriculum for Black Cross 8-Hour Affinity Group Medic Workshop

Training Curriculum (MS Word, 136 K)
    This outline features lots of hands-on practice. Included in this curriculum are instructions on how to run rigorous practice sessions and training scenarios

Scenario cards (MS Word, 112 K)
    This is the text to the cards we use to assign patient roles during training scenarios. We print them out, cut them out, and tape them to 3x5 cards. This document is formatted so that each card's text is complete, without page breaks.

Curriculum for 4-Hour Introductory Workshop

coming soon...

Curriculum for multi-day extended training

coming soon...
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