Black Cross Health Collective
fight the power, do no harm
fight the power, do no harm
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Gear List
Click a link below to access our zine, training outlines, and gear list

An Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid
    This is our standard First Aid 'zine, version 1.2, which we use in conjunction with trainings.

Black Cross Training Outlines
    We offer three basic types of trainings, based on how long the training lasts and how much material we cover. Generally speaking, these include a 3-4 hour intro to health care at protests, a standard 6-8 hour first aid training, and a multiple-weekend 20+ hour extended training.

Gear List
    This is a list that you can use to help put together a good first aid kit for the streets. No one carries all of this - pick and choose those items that make sense to you, and match your skill level.
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