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fight the power, do no harm
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These links will take you out of the Black Cross web site. We are not responsible for the information contained in these linked web sites.

Michael Moore's page
    excellent review of herbal materia medica; has photos of plants as well as harvesting info; lots of info for the DIY herbalist; has his herb school info; drawbacks are american flags on homepage

Sage Femme
    A Chicago-based group with feminist self help/abortion/menstrual extraction info; has links to the Herbal Free Skool and the Womyn's Radical Self Help network

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
    Lots of herb information and links to other great herb sites. Why reinvent the wheel when henriette has already done it?

Algy's Herb Page
    a small amount of information but its lovely to look at.

Homeopathic herbal site
    Homeopathic self sufficiency site for strikers, workers, and demonstrators.

HerbNet for everything herbal
    varied quality of information but has a good nationwide practitioner list.
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