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What we offer in our trainings, with current schedule and training request form

Important note: We are not currently offering any trainings, this information is included for archival purposes.

Note: While we will gladly train individuals and other groups across the continent and beyond, we do not give certifications in first aid. The burden of determining someone's qualifications, as always, is on those who work with her or him. This is why we encourage the formation of affinity groups and collectives which provide a level of support and demand a level of competency.

Bilingual trainings are available.

Our 8-hour training

Our standard 8-hour workshop is intended as an introduction to protest first aid and aftercare. It will prepare the student to act as an affinity group-level medic. Although we will drill you intensively, there will be time for lunch and a few breaks built into the 8 hours. Students who already have advanced first aid training will want to take this course as we cover many things that are specific to protest health care. People with no first aid training will learn valuable first aid skills they can use anywhere, not just at protests. We will also talk to students about how they can continue their training. Expect to have a lot of fun.

You will learn:

    * Basic protest safety for you and your affinity group
    * Chemical weapons (pepper spray) decontamination
    * Herbal remedies and aftercare
    * ABCs (Scene survey, scene management, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, spinal cord precautions, triage)

Dress as if you were going to a protest. Sensible shoes and raingear required; we may get you wet. Sandals are a no-no. Bring all the other gear you'd bring if you were going to a protest. Bring a small, squirt-top water bottle that's still sealed. Bring a lunch and snacks for yourself. Bring your friends.

For the 8-hour workshop, we ask for donations along a sliding scale of $0-$40.

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